Why should you be using social media marketing?

Why should you be using social media marketing?

People don’t like to be sold to….No wait, that statement is so important, let me emphasise it – People don’t like to be sold to! I remember writing an article on ‘Generation Z’, (these are the young guys, the ones that follow the Millenials, your customers of the future) which pointed out that they don’t even want to see a Salesperson when they enter a shop. It’s for that reason that you now see a lot of in store modules that allow customers to review the product and shop online whilst still in the store! So, why should you be using social media marketing?

1) Social media allows you to build relationships with customers through online communication…. to just engage with them to relay useful information and advice …until trust gradually builds to a point where a purchase decision can be made. If that alone isn’t enough to convince you, there are many other good reasons, but let’s just cover a few of the key ones:

2)  Social media allows you to build trust – It’s all about trust. Any service provider/customer relationship is built on trust. Knowing they will receive the best service or be buying the best product, because they can engage with a provider that takes the time to talk to them and answer their questions, is a great way to engender the customer’s trust.

3) Social media helps you to spread your footprint – Having a website, or a social media presence without engaging anyone is a bit like erecting a billboard in a cave. You need to be populating your site with blogs that give people advice and educate them about your industry. Combine this with a good LinkedIn profile, also offering advice and comment, then add tweets to an active Twitter account and posts to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus presence …and you start getting noticed! No selling required – It’s all about spreading your brand’s footprint and regularly engaging.

4) Social media puts you everywhere at no charge – Because most social media is conducted through your mobile device, it is everywhere and most social media platforms are absolutely free of charge! If you are a one man/woman ‘start-up’ with absolutely no marketing budget, you can still set up an online presence. The money you should be spending, when you have it, is engaging the services of a good social media marketing company who, for very reasonable rates will ensure that your online presence is ordered, constant and as effective as it can possibly be!

5) Social media generates leads and gets your customers advertising for you – research shows that social media has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. You can generate leads from your own accounts, but also from your customers sharing with their friends and their friends sharing….etc. The knock-on effect can be very satisfying and lucrative. Contact experts in the field to maximise your presence and let them give you advice and many more reasons why you should be using social media marketing!