Who is using Virtual reality and why?

Who is using Virtual reality and why?

It is pretty commonly known that Virtual reality is used in marketing by many forward thinking businesses wanting to do something different and exciting to build their brands. What is not so commonly known is the many and varied uses of Virtual reality. This article gives just a brief overview of who is using virtual reality and why?


Virtual reality takes the previous advancement in architecture of the ‘3D walk-through’ of the potential dwelling or office space to another level, allowing the client to really experience the depth and breadth of every room. The VR experience even goes to the extent of assessing the length of time it takes to cross a room or exit the building!


Motor manufacturers in particular, but anyone really that would like to safely test their products, can now do so virtually, potentially saving lives and allowing the manufacturers to assess the capability, safety and efficacy of their vehicles or products very effectively.

Medical people and their patients

Apart from VR enabling medical students to practice their surgery and patient ‘bedside manner’ skills on virtual patients, the amazing reality created by using the VR headsets can help many people suffering medical setbacks. These include:

  • Those suffering from Post Trauma Syndrome (PTSD) who virtually ‘re-live’ their traumatic experiences under medical supervision.
  • Paraplegics – whose ability to walk has in some cases been improved by merely convincing them through experiencing VR that they have the ability to do so.
  • Autistic children who, through imaginary social interaction with others, improve their social skills.
  • Pain and anxiety are sometimes improved by removing the focus on the condition with the help of convincing VR games.

Travel agents

What better way to decide on your next annual vacation than to experience it first hand through a realistic virtual ‘trial run?’ The sky is the limit and those who like extreme sport experiences could have a lot of fun exploring this.

Business people

In many areas of business VR is starting to creep in. Virtual interviews and meetings are saving company’s travel costs by being conducted in VR conference and meeting rooms. VR marketing is also massive and rapidly growing. The possibilities are endless and like the travel and motoring industries, any business that would like people to experience their wares in advance to convince them of their superiority, like hotels, sporting goods etc … are turning to this highly effective medium. To find out more, contact a reputable marketing company and in answer to the question who is using virtual reality and why? … The answer could well be you – to build your business!