Video Production

POD3D specialise in high-quality corporate videos and web videos that can make any brand stand out!

Video production is the process of creating video in live production by capturing moving images (videography) and then creating combinations and reductions of parts of this video in post-production (video editing).

How does using video enhance your digital marketing strategy?

SEO and Google  – Their efficacy are  greatly enhanced by the use of videos – U-tube is today’s largest social media marketing platform and video content is at a premium in terms of its efficacy and branding value. Google synchronise with U-tube and it is an excellent way to be found.

Social media marketing – Use Video wherever you can, even with very brief clips like those used in infographics. Instagram is a massive visual platform and video ‘content’ is powerful when used effectively here too.

E-mail marketing – You may have thought that this was an old format marketing strategy, but it can still be highly effective, particularly with the aid of videos. Use the word ‘video’ in your subject title though …and by the way using video in your e-mail content can increase click through rates by 65%!

We at POD3D have expert Videographers and production experts that can give your content the visual edge that could drive the efficacy of your marketing campaign to new heights!