Three challenges facing Digital marketers …and some solutions

Three challenges facing Digital marketers …and some solutions

Whether your business is a small, medium or even a large one with a substantial marketing budget, marketing trends and ad spend have changed in recent years from being focused on traditional advertising mediums like that of T.V, radio and print, to online digital marketing. This involves Social marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known simply as S.E.O.

Cross platform marketing has become an imperative part of every business and what used to be an advert placed in the local newspaper has become ‘peer-to-peer marketing’ happening over a vast digital social network. Understanding digital marketing has become very involved as the technology evolves and changes daily and so in this article, in the hope of assisting those who have more recently invested in this reasonably new marketing medium, we take a look at just three of the challenges facing digital marketers ….and some solutions.

The challenge – Tougher competition – Because digital channels are relatively cheap, or in some cases free, as opposed to generally more expensive traditional media, they are fair game and highly sort after marketing platforms. As a result, capturing the attention and imagination of customers is a growing challenge. The solution – A good Digital marketing agency knows what’s needed to market directly to your target market and will respond to customer interactions immediately and initiate some great relationship building. You need to target competitors through their own social networks and find your own sweet spot!

The challenge – An explosion of available digital channels – All different digital platforms use different protocols, specifications and interfaces. As an advertiser you need to be aware of utilising the right channels for your product or service campaign. The solution – Complex customer relationships can be managed using many mediums, both digital and traditional. Once again advice from a Digital marketing specialist should be sought. Analytics need to be employed to ascertain the best results traditionally for your product or service and track your own current progress on an on-going basis.

The challenge – Handling large data volumes – A massive trail of data is left behind by consumers in digital channels. It’s extremely difficult to manage all that data, as well as find the right data to help you make the right decisions. The solution – Employ an S.E.O expert to extract value from large amounts of data to assist you to make better and quicker decisions.