Social Media and Content Marketing

Social media invites conversation, at POD3D we don’t feed information, we engage socially with a loyal community that loves our brands.


We know how to listen & by listening we can extract the data needed to aim directly at your target market. We find the audience that supports your business and loves your brand. We use the latest analytics software to achieve accurate and relevant results that build loyal fans and followers with a genuine interest in your brand.

Our team specialises in management of the following social media networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube and Linked In.

Content Marketing

People don’t like to be sold to! So how do you get more customers without selling?

Content marketing involves making contact with potential customers through providing content that arouses their interest, answers their questions and educates them about your business. This way you build relationships and become known as ‘thought leaders’ in your field, engendering trust and ultimately new customers buying your products or engaging your services.

Content comes in various forms – these include:

Written – Blogs/Articles and posts

Audio – Podcasts and music

Visual – Infographics, images and videos

We have in house Copy/Content writers and creators of exponents of all visual material. We know how to convert content to conversation & organic peer to peer recommendations, which in turn pulls feet through your doors!