A pic, a blog and the Web’s your oyster!

A pic, a blog and the Web’s your oyster!

Yep, you hear it all the time, a certain celebrity just happened to be at the right place at the right time. A picture was taken, an article written and fame followed instantly – The World was their oyster from then on. Well it’s a bit of a far-fetched story, but it can happen and your online success story could happen in pretty much the same way. Doubtful? …Well let’s take a look at whether a pic, a blog and the Web’s your Oyster could actually be a reality…

As the old saying goes, everything starts with an idea – so here is a case study which shows that with a great idea, just one great article, one great pic or video and using your website and a few key social media platforms – you really can get noticed!

The article/blog – You need to tell people about your idea so you need an article/blog. To save money, start with a LinkedIn article written in the first person, which can easily double as a blog on your website. Hire a professional writer to write it if you are too busy, or just not a great writer. You can get one though any good online marketing company.

The Pic/video – We are by nature visual people so you need a picture/drawing/video that expresses you great idea and accompanies your article. If you are handy with a camera – then shoot away – if you think a professional picture or video will work better, then once again a good professional photographer or videographer can be sourced through marketing experts.

LinkedIn – This is the most powerful of business platforms. Assuming you have a good LinkedIn profile, which is engaging and tells people why they should use your services …, what’s that? …you don’t? OK rectify that immediately by getting your online marketing company to write you one! – Then post your brilliant article – it’s easy to do. Now your idea is out there and you engage with business people and they see you as the expert in your field!

Your website – You post the same article as a blog on your website. If people are interested in your idea they start to come to see what you’re all about. Further to that an article you have posted to your website stays there and becomes your intellectual property, servicing you for many years to come. So now you are engaging with people and start to sell your new idea. Once again if you don’t have a website (Heaven forbid – as it is the online ‘Front face’ of your business) make sure that same online marketing company build you a great one – with a blog page!

Social media posts – Now you maximise the usage of your article and your pic/video. Extract posts from the blog to go to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn over a few days and get that picture posted on Instagram or that video on U-tube. Again, an online marketing company dealing with social media can help you to make and maximise these posts.

The ‘happy ever after part’…

All it has taken is one article and one picture or video. Overnight your great idea is out there and you have online presence. You may have noticed that an online marketing company has played a key role here, so if you want your online presence to be on-going and as effective as it can be, then you will need a good one to guide you and make a marketing plan to give you the edge over your competitors . Contact us for more info on ‘Content marketing’ and to find out that it is true – it can take just a pic, a blog and the Web’s your Oyster!