5 marketing musts for any start-up business

5 marketing musts for any start-up business

If you are starting a fairly big business, you may have the luxury of hiring marketing experts and utilising expensive traditional advertising mediums like TV, Cinema, Radio and Print, but if you are one of the far more likely start-up hopefuls who will need to start small and grow, then online marketing will be your only way to go. Fortunately there is an array of online platforms that you can become part of for free and there is very reasonably priced expertise available to help you set up and maintain a decent online marketing presence. So here, for a start, are 5 marketing musts for any start-up business:

  • Create a website – Your website in the 21st century is the front face of your business. Everybody ‘Googles’ what they are looking for and if you aren’t online you will be restricted to those you can meet and deprived of millions of other potential customers. Hire a good reasonably priced web developer and make sure they make proviso for a blog page – another marketing tool you can use!
  • Create a social media presence – Make sure you have pages at least on the main social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the last one being the most important in the business World. Ensure that you have good profiles on LinkedIn for you and any other business partners and that you hire a social media company to manage these platforms and advise you on others that may suit your business. Twitter alone can be pretty time consuming, so you may need someone else to be engaging for you.
  • Go visual – if you can – Remember that we are highly visually orientated beings, so apart from some stunning visuals on your website and always accompanying articles with pictures, go with a picture campaign on Instagram, or if you can afford it go the video route on U-tube and Facebook. If you need some help your media marketing company can point you to a good videographer.
4)     Go SEO to improve your search rankings – So now you have your website and have set yourself up on the important social media platforms, but what’s the point if you’re getting no visitors? You need to measure your performance and get hits by hiring an SEO expert

5)     Create good content – You need to immediately start engaging with people through your website and social media platforms. You do this by populating your website and social media platforms with good content. Tell your prospective clients what they want to know. Good blogs and articles can be written for you, so once again visit your media marketing experts to obtain the services of good Content Writers.

There you have it – get going with these 5 marketing musts for any start up business and you’re sure to be ‘present’ and prospering in no time!