5 cool tools SEOs use to put you on top of the haystack!

5 cool tools SEOs use to put you on top of the haystack!

You have by now all heard about digital marketing and may be aware of what good SEOs and digital marketing companies recommend you do if you want to be the ‘needle’ at the top of that ‘haystack’ we call the internet. Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – you can find a needle in a haystack – if it pricks you! So exactly how do you prick enough people to put you right on top and in full view of your prospective clients? It ain’t easy, but in this article we take a look at 5 cool tools SEOs use to put you on top of the haystack:

  • Google analytics – This is a well known and vitally important digital marketing tool. Without it you really are that needle at the bottom of the haystack just fumbling around in the dark. Google analytics figures out how many hits you’ve had, where they were from, whether they intend to stay and the bounce rate. These are just a few vital analytical questions that SEOs need to know for you to be ‘in the know’ about where your needle is sitting.
  • GrammarlyCreating content is essential in content marketing, but writing bad copy is a big mistake – it can be likened to meeting someone face to face with bad breath! Assuming you can write (If you can’t, rather get a good SEO to get you a pro writer) you will still need to have some grammar and spelling checked. Standard spell checkers don’t get into the kind of detail that ‘Grammarly’ does though, with regard to grammar and context analysis. This is a very useful tool – especially if you are writing your own blogs!
  • Copyscape – Bill Gates said ‘Copy will be king’ and this is so important let’s just stay on the subject for a bit longer. Another great tool to ensure you publish unique copy on your site is ‘Copyscape’. Google doesn’t like duplicate content, so get this to not only make sure you are being different, but very importantly to avoid plagiarism. If you don’t have time for this stuff, get a good internet marketing company to do it for you!
  • MailChimpE-mail marketing is still, believe it or not, a very effective way to market a service or product. It is particularly good, providing you have a well targeted e-mailing list, to point potential clients to your website and content, wherever it may be. So, E-mail promos should still be part of your digital marketing strategy and a great tool to use for this is MailChimp. It helps you create the mails, gives you a free trial period and quite a lot of free usage – so what do you have to lose?
  • CanvaWe are by nature visual people and graphics are a useful way to portray a lot of information using very few images. Infographics, for example, are becoming more popular every day and these, together with images for social media marketing and to illustrate your website, can all be created though Canva – another every useful online tool. It’s particularly good because you can be an absolute ‘design dummy’ to use it and if you have no money there are free and subscription versions to choose from.

We hope these 5 cool tools SEOs use to put you on top of the haystack have been informative and that you’ll contact us soon to make sure that your needle really does prick the clients you want …and gets you to the top of that internet ‘haystack’  ASAP!