4 ways to make content marketing pay?

4 ways to make content marketing pay?

It’s a known fact that using well written content to engage with potential customers, on your website and through social media, is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to build your clientele or sell your products. There are a few things however that you need to know to ensure you are going make content marketing really work for you …and so here are 4 ways to make content marketing pay:

  • Tell potential customers what they want to know – If you understand how content marketing works it may help with this one. When people want to know about things, or have a particular interest in something, they go to ‘Google’ and they generally type in a subject or a question. So for example someone may ask “How can I save money on my electricity bill?” If you are a Plumber they may come to your site because you’ve written a blog that says “Save money on your electricity bill by using a solar powered geyser” – Get the picture? Before you write the blogs/articles ask yourself “What are the questions my potential customers are asking?” When you tell people what they want to know you: a) Bring them to your website/LinkedIn page or other social media platforms b) Give them something for free, which endears them to you and c) Starts to build relationship with them. No selling is required!


  • Educate potential customers – When you create content, make sure it educates your potential customers about some aspect of your business. This a) Helps them to be more knowledgeable when they start to engage with you, saving you time with long winded explanations. b) Good advice, again gives them something for nothing, making them more likely to want to engage with you. c) Tells them that you are an expert in your field, thereby building their confidence in you before you even engage.


  • Make sure it’s well written – A badly written article is as off-putting as meeting someone face to face who has bad breath! Remember the article may be the potential customer’s first introduction to your business and therefore has to represent you well. There are also certain things that need to be included in blogs, like titles, sub titles and keywords (that Google is more likely to pick up on) to maximise the efficacy of your content’s reach. A professional online marketing company will be able to appoint a proficient Content Writer to ensure you get content that really works for you.


  • Make sure you maximise your SEO – Creating content, no matter where you post it, will not necessarily help you if no-one is visiting your website or social media platforms. It is really not that expensive to engage the services of a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) expert to track your progress and advise you on an effective social media marketing plan that really makes the content creation worthwhile.


We hope these 4 ways to make content marketing pay will help you and that you will contact us for any further advice you may need. Let’s begin to engage and build a great relationship going forward.