3 reasons online presence is not for sissies!

3 reasons online presence is not for sissies!

OK, so someone has finally convinced you to become a part of the internet. You were doing okay in business, you’re part of a networking organisation and your business is all based on ‘word of mouth’ referrals anyway. There was just one problem – You just weren’t doing enough business and you need to expand your client base. You were at a seminar and some smart assed kid (young enough to be your Son) was talking about content marketing and the internet – how you can do online networking if you just build a website, become part of social media platforms and start blogging and posting …sounds good …and easy enough …Well before you just go wading in, let’s look at 3 reasons online presence is not for sissies! …but never fear – there is a cavalry and a happy ending, if you just heed some sound advice… Oh and by the way, it’s pretty sound advice for those already online too…

  • It can swallow you up – Remember the internet really is a that proverbial ‘haystack’ and your website is, at the outset at least, going to be the proverbial ‘needle’. Ensure that your website firstly has a good domain and memorable name. It should also be well constructed, giving people the right information and telling them why you should be a preferred supplier of whatever it is you do. It should be very visual and very well written. Remember it is the front face of your business. Having a poorly written site is like meeting someone face to face with bad breath! It must also speak for you, so you need to create content that interests your prospective customers and brings them to you. All this can be achieved through having the right site built and with some sound advice from an online marketing expert.


  • It can spit you out – So your next move is to get a presence on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, U-tube and especially LinkedIn are all potentially great business platforms, but remember if you are here for business, then stick to the business at hand! We are now all too painfully aware of how Helen Ziller, with her comments on Colonialism and Spur, with the video of a racist argument, suffered at the hands of this monster. Say the wrong things or get on the wrong side of public opinion and your hard fought for business could be down the toilet in a press and a flush. Again, be guided by a reputable social media marketing company to ensure you are saying the right things!


  • …or it can ignore you completely – You are going to have 2 enemies when you become a part of online marketing –Time and getting noticed. If you don’t take time out to engage with potential clients you are going to find that you rapidly become that needle in the haystack and whatever costs you have incurred will all be for nought. But how do you get the time and how do you get noticed?


The solution – Yes, here comes the cavalry now, as promised. With just a little extra expenditure (but a pittance compared to traditional forms of advertising) an effective Digital marketing company can ensure that your needle starts shining and pricking people enough to make them sit up and take notice! Your content will start talking to people, engaging with them and building relationships with new clients, just as you have been doing with that networking for years. The result – A solid, reputable and profitable online presence! So Contact us for that happy ending we promised.